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The Rhoman team has over 35 years of aerospace experience, and combines 3 key technologies to deliver essential point solutions for immediate UAV needs, and future solutions to scale drones into new commercial markets.


Who We Are

Rhoman Aerospace develops innovative vision-based flight control, autonomy, and navigation solutions for drones. Our solutions deploy via software download, use the existing camera(s) on a drone, and allow the drone to visually track it's relative position or exact location without GPS, for trustworthy, entirely hands-free operations in contested airspace. 

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Thomas Youmans.png
Thomas Youmans.png

Thomas Youmans

Thomas Youmans, CEO

Thomas Youmans worked at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a Systems Engineer & Data Scientist, in government consulting with the Department of Energy, and in Investor Due-Diligence market research in the private sector before founding Rhoman. Double BA, Physics & Economics, Lewis & Clark College; MS Mathematics & Statistics, Georgetown University
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James Croughan.png
James Croughan
James Croughan, VP of Technology Development & Controls

James Croughan is an Aerospace Engineer with significant experience integrating sensors, aerospace-controls systems, and hardware-enabled software solutions for UAV & UUV in austere environments. BS, Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley; MS & PhD, Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering, University of Southern California

VP of Technology Development
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Garrett Clem.png
Garrett Clem
Garrett Clem, Controls & Cloud Solutions

Garrett Clem has experience with dynamic cloud systems from designing, programming, and implementing live content-bidding-selection and streaming services for cloud-hosted and AI purchased targeted advertising systems. Garrett has experience with autonomous UAV research, mechatronics, and UAV obstacle avoidance and guidance systems. BS & MS, Mechanical Engineering, Ohio University
Controls & Cloud Solutions
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Thomas Callen.png
Thomas Callen.png
Thomas Callen
Thomas Callen, Business Development & Advisor

Thomas Callen has experience in product development, operations, logistics - and delivering innovative software products to market for Fortune 500 companies based on time spent in management consulting, investment banking, and in the aviation industry. BA, Econ, DePauw University; MBA, University of Notre Dame
Business Development
Efaz Muhaimen.png
Efaz Muhaimen.png
Efaz Muhaimen
Efaz Muhaimen, Simulation & Robotics

Efaz Muhaimen has experience deploying complex robotic systems with multiple compute-elements and actuators, programming open source, Microsoft, and Linux flight vehicle simulation environments, and teaching/TAing courses to the next generation of CS and robotics talent at USC. BA, Computer Science & Robotics, University of Southern California

Simulation & Robotics

COL James Henderson.png
COL James Henderson.png
James Henderson
COL James Henderson, DoD Advisor
COL James Henderson served in key billets from Platoon Leader to Brigade Commander in missions throughout the World. With time spent with ASA/ALT and working with the CTO in the 75th Innovation Command, COL Henderson is a DoD Innovation advisor to Rhoman.

DoD Innovation

The Rhoman Team has hands-on experience building and deploying dynamic control systems, autonomous air and underwater vehicles, and complex aerospace technologies, with development experience advancing aerospace technologies across private-public partnerships, commercializing DoD & Gov funded technology, and scaling commercial software products.

Rhoman Team

Advisors & Partners

Supporting our great team is a collection of advisors from world leading institutions that bring experience developing and deploying aerospace technologies and scaling software products.




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How We Got Started

Rhoman Aerospace began in 2015 with the filing of its first patent for innovative UAV flight control and stability systems to handle shifting cargo payloads. The Company used these initial technological innovations towards the development of heavy-lift UAVs for cargo delivery operations, resupply operations to US Army frontlines, and distributing resources after natural disasters. 

Since that time, the Company has re-focused our mission towards what we do best; developing complex drone flight control systems at scale. Our mission is to leverage the most robust flight control systems and concepts in the world to develop the safest and most efficient UAV flight control solutions on the market, and to make our solution accessible to all drones, regardless of size or configuration.

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