Get flying ASAP

Any payload, any drone, ad hoc payloads

Cargo delivery solutions, hover and deploy tethered payloads

ML-optimized system reduces power use

PX4 Download

ArduPilot Companion Computer

Custom Integration

For UAV running the PX4 stack, solutions are deployed through a custom firmware software download

For UAV running ArduPilot, solutions are deployed through a software download to a companion computer

For UAV running custom systems or other software, control solutions are integrated into existing stack


‘Plug-and-Play’ Flight Control Solution

Flight control solutions for unique vehicle configurations

Get your UAV flying immediately with 85% less cost-risk
Secure customers before paying for a control system

  • Uniquely tuned to custom, non-standard vehicles

  • Downloadable to PX4 & Ardupilot systems

  • Fully functional with 3rd party Ground Control systems

$45k - $175k

  • Self tunes to unique flight vehicle configurations

  • Downloadable to PX4 & Ardupilot systems

  • Fully functional with 3rd party Ground Control systems

$2k - $5k
$2k-$5k Upfront & per UAV License Fee

Custom Flight
Control Algorithms

Rhoman Adaptive
Control Stack

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Multi-Purpose 'Swiss-Army' UAV System

  • System auto-adapts to ad hoc, non-centered attached-payloads

  • No re-tuning or manual gain changes

  • Fly with and without payload

Fly perfectly with any ad hoc payload: system self-adjusts and maintains stability and power efficiency, no 

Adaptive-CG for Ad Hoc Payloads

  • Attach any ad hoc payload and maintain optimal flight

  • Sensors on booms and uneven weighting is no problem

  • Includes light-stabilization of hanging cargo

  • No manual gain adjustments

$49.00 - $849.00 per UAV
6-mo free Cloud Optimization Engine


Avoid customer exposure to propellers: hover and deploy
Use less power, deliver farther, reduce liability


Cargo Delivery Solutions

  • Hover in place and lower cargo to the ground

  • Fly with tethered payloads

  • Heavy-lift +55lb UAV

  • Raise & lower payload from hover to avoid landing

  • Control hanging payload & deploy to secure mailboxes

  • Lower consumer items to suburban driveways & rooftops (versus large backyards)

$49.00 - $849.00 per UAV
6-mo free Cloud Optimization Engine

  • Carry and lower heavy supplies to forest firefighters

  • Deliver non-droppable cargo in no-land environments

  • Enables VTOL Fixed-Wing to deliver cargo to tight drop-zones


$199.00 - $1,499 per UAV
6-mo free Cloud Optimization Engine

Civil & First Responder 25lb-150lb Payload

Medical Supplies &
Light Payload


10-30% Energy
Savings per Flight

  • Fly with less power

  • Fly Farther & Carry More

  • 100% Precise Flight Paths

Carry more, fly farther, 2X your UAV Capabilities
Rhoman ML-Tuned Power-Use & Route Optimization

  • ML-Controls tuning yields increases in flight efficiency

  • Proprietary 'smooth-turn' controls augment power efficiency

  • Navigation-X-Controls optimization yields 100% precise path following

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6-mo free Cloud Optimization Engine

ML-Tuned Flight Controls
Increased Power Efficiency and Precise Flight Routes