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Rhoman Aerospace makes any drone multi-purpose with CG-adaptive controls, and provides energy savings of up to 30% with the safest, and most robust drone flight control solutions…

Delivered with a software download


Who We Are

Rhoman Aerospace develops innovative flight control systems and hardware for drones. Our flight control solutions reduce energy use by up to 30%, and are auto-configured to your exact drone configuration, enabling instant energy savings through a simple software download.
In addition, our innovative flight control systems are highly effective for cargo-hauling applications, enabling cargo drones to maintain stability with hanging payloads, and providing the ability for drones to handle shifting and off-center payloads.

Thomas Youmans
Co-Founder & CEO

Thomas Callen
Co-Founder & COO

James Croughan
Head of Controls & Engineering

How We Got Started

Rhoman Aerospace began in 2015 with the filing of its first patent for innovative UAV flight control and stability systems to handle shifting cargo payloads. The Company used these initial technological innovations towards the development of heavy-lift UAVs for cargo delivery operations, resupply operations to US Army frontlines, and distributing resources after natural disasters. 
Since that time, the Company has re-focused our mission towards what we do best; developing complex drone flight control systems at scale. Our mission is to leverage the most robust flight control systems and concepts in the world to develop the safest and most efficient UAV flight control solutions on the market, and to make our solution accessible to all drones, regardless of size or configuration.


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