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Synthetic GPS
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Synthetic GPS

  • Positioning without GPS

  • Trustworthy autonomy when GPS is blocked by buildings, powerlines, or active jamming & spoofing systems

Essential redundant positioning for autonomy & safety over people and in suburban and urban airspace

Operation critical position estimates to enable functionality and autonomy when GPS is actively jammed or spoofed

  • Download PX4 patch

  • Connect to shared spatial systems through Rhoman Cloud

  • Sync system with onboard cameras

  • Backup position estimate feeds into UAV state estimator and provides redundant, GPS-free positioning for safety

$29 - $1,999/UAV/Mo
UAV License per Month for Spatial System

  • Integrates with most BlueUAS drones

  • Connects with existing Digital Twins and spatial data systems

  • Fully functional with ATAK and other party Ground Control systems

  • Data from unmapped flights sent back into operational awareness systems

$299 - $5,999/UAV/Mo
Digital Twin Integration and Unknown Flight Area solutions for networked UAV

Synthetic GPS for Commercial Operations

Synthetic GPS for Actively Blocked GPS

To purchase, email or call 213.603.1784
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Rhoman technology, algorithms, software, programming, and products are made in the US, and deployed to NDAA compliant and BlueUAS UAV.

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