World-class drone
flight control solutions

The best performance enhancing flight control systems, tailor-fit to your drone.

10-30% energy
savings per flight

‘Plug-and-Play’ flight control solution

Custom fit to any drone size & configuration

Heavy lift, cargo,
& 55lb+ drones

Rhoman Aerospace’s flight control system provides up to 30% energy savings during flight versus standard control systems with a simple software download....


No additional hardware required.

Standard System

Time: 54.5s  |  Energy: 32W-hrs

Rhoman's System

Time: 47.2s  |  Energy: 28W-hrs

  • Misses flight path

  • Slower to complete mission

  • Requires more energy

  • Follows flight path perfectly

  • Completes mission 15% faster

  • Uses 15% less energy

Our Partners

Rhoman partner organizations provide funding,
technical collaboration and distribution channels.

              No one understands advanced drone flight control systems and applying those systems and concepts to specific drone configurations like Rhoman Aerospace. They make drone flight control systems easy.


- Controls Professor, University of Southern California

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