World-class Drone
Flight Control Solutions

The best performance enhancing flight control systems, auto-fit to your drone

‘Plug-and-Play’ flight control solutions

Heavy lift, tethered- cargo, +55lb drones

10-30% energy
savings per flight

Supports and enhances every UAV form-factor

Rhoman Aerospace’s flight control system provides up to 30% energy savings during flight versus standard control systems with a simple software download....

No additional hardware required.

Standard System

Time: 54.5s  |  Energy: 32W-hrs

Rhoman System

Rhoman 2.png
Rhoman 1.png

Time: 47.2s  |  Energy: 28W-hrs

  • Misses flight path

  • Slower to complete mission

  • Requires more energy

  • Follows flight path perfectly

  • Completes mission 15% faster

  • Uses 15% less energy


Rhoman partner organizations provide funding, technical collaboration and distribution channels

NASA Office of Technology Transfer

Affiliations & Advisors

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              No one understands advanced drone flight control systems and applying those systems and concepts to specific drone configurations like Rhoman Aerospace. They make drone flight control systems easy.


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- Controls Professor, University of Southern California